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Sugar-free sweets are a large and very popular group among sweet snacks.

They are aimed both at people who, for health reasons, have to eliminate some ingredients from their diet, as well as those who care about their figure or are on a diet and look for healthy food among sweets.
Sugar-free sweets are also designed for consumers who play sports or spend their free time actively - for whom sweet snacks eliminate the effects of increased physical exertion.

Chocolates that we use to produce sugar-free sweets contain sweeteners:
maltitol or erythritol.

  • Maltitol is obtained from natural raw materials, and its sweetness is similar to that of sucrose.
  • Erythritol is a naturally occurring substance. We find it in some fruits, wines and cheeses.

Sugar-free chocolates are similar in taste and texture to traditional chocolates. They retain their intense and harmonious flavor.
In the group of sugar-free sweets, we can offer the production of: nuts and dried fruits in chocolate, cereal or chocolate bars.
The combination of nuts, dried and freeze-dried fruit with chocolate gives you great opportunities to create new products.
We can prepare ordered products based on plain, milk or white chocolate without sugar or milk and dark chocolate without sugar and enriched with protein. We offer various methods of finishing dried fruits in chocolate, such as cocoa, cinnamon, coconut and fruit powders.

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